• PULL Awarded Space in the Installation Zone at TAP 2013

    The Artist Project Toronto 2013
    February 21 - 24
    Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place
    Booth I-7
    Installation Zone

    I was thrilled to find out that my installation PULL was selected by the jury and awarded a free space in the Installation Zone at TAP 2013.

    Pull is a site-specific installation involving a singular chicken wing bone being stretched by thin metal wires connected to two industrial 600 lb. winches sturdily attached to shelves on parallel white surfaces. At a distance from this tableau, on an adjacent white wall, is a shelf supporting a small jar of nearly identical bones. The TAP installation zone incarnation of Pull will have the winches installed on freestanding plinths, enabling viewers to walk around the entirety of the piece.

    In Pull, materials and objects appear fragile and on brink of breaking, yet are fundamentally strong and resilient in their vulnerable situation. There is an ever-present dichotomy between fragility and solidity that transcend human beings psychology and physicality in relationship to their environment. People can further relate to the combination of plaster, metal and bones as components of bodily deconstruction and reconstruction in western medical practices.

    To view my profile on the TAP website, please click here.

  • Toronto Art Group - Collective Installation Exhibition

    Please join The Toronto Art Group (TAG) for their second multi-media installation outing.

    Friday November 30, 8:00 pm
    Third Floor Studio, Arts & Letters Club of Toronto
    14 Elm Street, Toronto, ON

    RSVP by leaving me a message in the "contact" section of my website or email info@torontoartgroup.com.

    The members of The Toronto Art Group are Leanne Rhem, Jillian MacLachlan, Samantha Rodin and Farhad Nargol-O'Neill

  • IFOA Markham - Readings & Art Exhibition

    The International Festival of Authors is coming to Markham for the second year in a row on October 23, 2012!

    Fellow Markham Arts Council Board Member, W. David Ward, and I were asked to co-chair/co-curate an art exhibition in conjunction with the event. The show features an eclectic mix of literature inspired works of art.

    This wide-ranging collection bridges the gap between the worlds of literature and visual arts and explores the complementary nature of these two disciplines. While language conveys a narrative by evoking images in our mind, the plastic arts, through arrangements of form, tell stories all their own.

    Tickets are $18 for the readings, book signing and art exhibition, and $65 for the Mayor's Hour Reception (which includes all of the above).

    Marjorie Celona (Canada)
    Ayesha Chatterjee (India)
    Chan Koonchung (Canada/Hong Kong)
    Vincent Lam (Canada)

    Please visit www.markhamartscouncil.com for detailed information on the authors and how to purchase tickets.

    W. David Ward - Visual Artist Website: www.wdavidward.com


    Mixed Media Group Exhibition

    April 5 - April 16, 2011
    Upstairs At 111 Bathurst St., Toronto
    Gallery courtesy of Coopers Office Furniture

    Opening Reception
    Thursday April 7 | 6-9pm


    BROKE WITH MATCHES is a mixed media group exhibition comprising six artists from the Independent Studio Program (ISP) at the Toronto School of Art. Each artist will display an amalgamation of work completed during the eight-month residency.

    Artist Talks:
    Saturday April 9 (2-4pm) – Rachel Loscher, Julius Poncelet Manapul, Anthony Saracino
    Saturday April 16 (2-4pm) – Britt Adair, Samantha Rodin, Natalie Viecili

    15% of all artwork sales for the duration of the exhibition will be donated to relief efforts in Japan. Donations will also be accepted during the opening reception.

    Contact: Samantha Rodin

    Upstairs At 111 Bathurst St.
    111 Bathurst Street
    Toronto Ontario M5V 2R1
    Hours: Monday-Saturday 12-5pm

  • Butcher Gallery Fundraiser!!!

    Butcher Gallery has moved to 4 Northern Place, Toronto and they need help funding 2011's programming schedule. Great gallery run by great artists.

    I'll have a few pieces in the fundraiser.

    SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12TH @ 7:00-11:30

    Butcher Gallery website: http://butchergallery.com
    Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171297456248100

  • [Summer Show] Stacked

    Stacked: Variations on the Artist Book
    Paul Petro Special Projects Space

    August 4 - 14, 2010

    Opening Reception
    Thursday Aug 5th, 7 – 10 PM

    Stacked explores the formal and metaphorical qualities of the book. Works by six Toronto-based artists re-examine traditional notions of artist books and zines using a variety of media. Ideas of sequencing, the repetition of pages, and the book as an object and a container for information will be explored through print media, photography, sculpture and installation. Beginning with the book as object and idea, this exhibition offers an unexpected interpretation of this ubiquitous art form.

    Participating artists include:
    Laura Cassis Palumbo thekindofgirlihopeimnot.blogspot.com
    Sara Cwynar www.saracwynar.com
    Lili Huston-Herterich lilihustonherterich.com
    Mark Francis mdfrancis.com
    Rachel Regina rachelregina.com
    Samantha Rodin samantharodin.com
    Jessica Thalmann www.jessicathalmann.com

    The artists wish to thank Paul Petro and the Creative Arts Student Association.

    Paul Petro Special Projects Space
    962 Queen St West Toronto, ON M6J 1G8
    Gallery Hours: wed-sat 11-5pm

    Contact Info:
    Jessica Thalmann

  • [Summer Show] Flat-Land

    Flat-Land {the exhibition}
    A Conceptual Project by Toronto Based Artists
    July 28 - August 1, 2010
    Gallery 1313, Toronto

    Opening Reception
    Thursday, July 29, 2010
    6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    Flat-Land is a multi-media exhibition that focuses on the transformation of two-dimensional surfaces. By incorporating print-making, photography, digital imagery and paintings, the exhibition investigates what it means to be flat. The perceptual transformation of the flat surface is two-fold; it emerges first from the artist and then manifests itself perceptually in the viewer. Hence, this exhibition investigates how all images exist in two spaces; with one manifestation grounded in the physical world and one within the psyche of the individual.
    This exhibition acts as an inquiry in perception; it is through interpretation that flat works finds its merit. Flat-Land looks beyond the isolated image and explores the subjective relationships between the viewer and viewed object, as well as the physical presence of two-dimensional media.

    Flat-Land is part of the Either/Or Series

    Curated By Selena L. Lee

    Featured Artists: Sam Rodin, Lindsay Canton, Allison Philp, Lendl Barcelos, Mark Visperas, Tiffany Huta, Noel Rodo-Vankeulen, Robert Canali

    Website: www.flat-land-exhibition.com

    Contact: Selena L. Lee

    Gallery 1313
    1313 Queen St. W.
    Toronto Ontario M6K 1L8
    Hours: Wed-Sun 1-6pm