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My current body of work draws attention to modern day anxieties experienced in unnaturally sterile environments. I use a combination of sculptural materials, fabric, bones, and industrial objects to create installations that are visually and physically absurd manifestations of these tensions. The installations are relatively abstract though there are subtle clues that reference the body thereby allowing the viewers to locate themselves within this removed context. By situating these abstract forms on meticulously clean white surfaces, I am displacing them from any defined cultural, religious or gendered context and focusing solely on the tension of locating oneself in an unfamiliar/uncomfortable environment.

In Dislocation (1-7), Pull and Barley There, visual tension is achieved through pushing/pulling sensations. This is externalized through the extreme physicality of my process. The materials and objects appear fragile and on brink of breaking, yet are fundamentally strong and resilient in their vulnerable situation. There is an ever-present dichotomy between fragility and solidity that transcend human beings psychology and physicality in relationship to their environment. People can further relate to the combination of plaster, metal and bones as components of bodily deconstruction and reconstruction in the medical world – circulating back to hyper sterile and superficial, constructed environments and associated anxieties.

Artist's Statement